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M4ready is a pre-training course for potential church planters and leaders. M4ready is a product developed by the M4 network in Europe. It has been developed from the need to see thousands of entrepreneurs and church planters step forward in Europe to plant and multiply new communities and churches. Our goal is that the participants, upon completion of the M4Ready course, will be able to:

See yourself as a church planter and identify your preferred church planting model.

See yourself as a church planting team member.

See yourself as a leader in a local church or in other roles with a clear perspective of the importance of church planting.

Need help?

How can we help you to start in your context:   

  • Free manual on how to start in the nations.
  • Access to the online platform to translate the courses into your language.
  • Access to transcripts for all videos to translate them into your language.
  • Access to the Participant- and Mentor manuals for translation.
  • Training on different tools and platforms necessary to start M4 Ready.


Our requirements if you want to start:

  • Leader: There needs to be a leader who takes responsibility launch and agree to a 3-5 year commitment.
  • Team: There needs to be a team working with the  leader, who take responsibility for online facilitation, national or regional gatherings, train mentors and hold them accountable to following up with participants.
  • M4Ready community: You commit to meet with the other leaders in Europe, who are using M4Ready or M4 team training, for a 2 day learning community. (Second week of June each year.)
  • Participants: It could be started together across denominations in a nations or region or it could do with just one denomination. There should be a possibility to have at least 40-80 participants on a yearly basis. The number of participants can be less when you start.

Cost to start

M4 is a friendship-based network in Europe, working in fifteen European nations. The onetime cost of M4ready is to help you in the best way to start in your nation. The ongoing cost is voluntarily but will help to continue develop M4 in Europe. This cost depends of which context M4ready is started in.

  • €1500 - €3000 start up cost, assisting you to launch M4
  • €5 - €25 fee per participant who start M4 Ready

If you have any interest for starting M4ready in your context, please contact us.


If you have any interest to start M4ready, please contact us below.

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