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M4Ready is a nine months training program for you who want to lead, build, pioneer, multiply, churches and congregations in your context. Our goal is that you have found out:

If you have a passion and calling for church planting.

If you could see yourself as a part of a churchplantingteam. 

If you can see yourselves as a leader in a local church or in other roles with a clear perspective of the importance of church planting. 


Below you will receive information about the different M4 Ready regions

Region 1

Here we will update you about where it start and who is involved.

Start-up gathering time: More information will come.

Place: More information will come.
Time of Weekend: More information will come.
Regional gatherings next 9 months (if regions):  More information will come.

Leaders who are involved: More information will come. 

Region 2

If you start M4ready in to region, you can write information about the other region here.


This is what you will get

This is what you will get

What we can help you with to start in your context:   

  • 4- 5 regionale gatherings. 
  • Start-up Weekend in September or October.
  • 6 module with weekly online teaching and assignment 
  • Coaching either every 3ed or 6th week (depend on what your leaders decides) 
  • Workbook for all the modules. 


What are the cost of M4 Ready:

  • The cost of M4Ready is a decision that is in the hand of the national og denominational leadership in each nations. 
  • Here they will put out the price information and how to pay.   


We expect all participates to have a mentor. The mentors will be provided by the leadership of M4. In some nations there will be a mentoring conversation for every 6th week, after each of the module. Then there will be 6 mentor conversation during the M4Ready process. There are also a possibility to have mentoring every 3ed week. Mentors can come from the mother church, denomination or people with experience  from entrepreneurship og church planting. It is the leadership of M4Ready that are responsible to follow up and secure that the mentors are doing there job properly, but the the student are responsible to come prepared and have work trough the units and modules before they come to the conversation. We have developed a mentor manual that give the mentor and easy access to what the student are working with and the assignment they are doing.  

Do you want to join M4 Ready?

Locals will write something more about the registration here.

If you have any interest for starting M4ready in your context, please contact us below.

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