M4 Ready

for people who want to plant, lead and multiply Christian communities and churches in Europe.



What is M4 Ready?

M4 Ready is intended for you and your friends - younger leaders in local churches, denominations or organizations.

If you want to grow in your leadership skills, like to initiate new things and bring change, M4 Ready will help you to find out:

If you have a passion and calling for church planting.

If you could see yourselves as a part of a church planting team.

If you can see yourselves as a leader in a local church or in other roles with a clear perspective of the importance of church planting.


Online & Offline

M4Ready has both online and offline components.

  • Online component is based on SimpleLearn platform. it includes teaching on 6 modules or main topics (10-12 videos per topic) and relevant assignments.
  • Offline component includes relevant assignments to be completed in local contexts and a mentoring relationship.

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Øivind Augland

Visionary leader of M4Ready
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Integrator and startup support for M4Ready
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